Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cibo Matto

Cibo Matto; I discovered them from watching some tv show on comedy central back in 97, 'Viva Variety' I believe.  They were performing the song 'Birthday Cake' from their album 'Viva! La Woman'.  Cute girls singing barely coherent lyrics about a birthday was just so kooky that it stuck with me.  I noticed that all of the song titles on their first album referred to food.  I didn't realize until recently that 'Cibo Matto' means 'crazy food' in Italian.  Very fun.

Their second album, 'Stereo * Type A' is a bit less food based and a bit more trippy in parts.  'SciFi Wasabi' is awesome as is 'Sunday Part I'.  

I found the video of the live performance I saw back in 97.  Have a watch:


  1. It's mostly quite sloppy but has that Japanese edge.
    Love the funky wah guitar when it kicks in.

  2. hahaha what a wacky group.

  3. wow a 14 year old vid, not my type of music at all... but im digging the songs names. Funky

  4. That was something else. Where did you find this??

  5. little weird for me... i look forward to you messing with my musical inclinations tho :P